Declare War on Fat' with Thermo Detonator from Grenade. This multi-award-winning weight management system has been specially designed by nutrition experts to assist you on your fat-loss goals. Thermo Detonator combines the highest quality, maximum potency ingredients to help support fat metabolism and weight management. Complete with 500 mg of green tea extract per serving, alongside key ingredients such as cayenne and bitter orange powder, Grenade's best-selling weight management system packs the biggest punch in the industry in regard to carefully selected, quality ingredients. Carefully processed green tea extracts contain specific levels of molecules called "catechins" - these are chemical polyphenols that have been shown to have positive effects on body weight and to have strong antioxidant and health-supportive properties. The catechin "epigallocatechin gallate" has been included in several scientific studies and is probably the most important legal, natural molecule to contribute to the war on fat. Thermo Detonator combines ideally with a calorie-controlled diet and exercise programme to help reduce body fat.

Grenade Thermo Detonator