• The advantages at a glance: Nano technology contributes to the perfect absorption of pure vegan, no artificial dyes, fillers, sweetened only with stevia, with keto-electrolyte blend for more performance and better regeneration, great taste in 8 different variants, elegant packaging with wooden spoon, no matter what goal you want to achieve in the field of bodybuilding sports or your body development
  • If you want to build strength and muscle mass or want to maximise your athletic performance, then you will benefit from the fact that BCAA Nano maximises your muscle protein synthesis and delays your muscle exhaustion during hard training sessions
  • After training, BCAA Nano will quickly replenish the highly decimated BCAA reserves of your muscles through training and thus not only accelerate regeneration but also transform a training-induced catabolic environment into an anabolic muscle building environment as soon as possible
  • During diet and competition preparation, BCAA Nano can prevent the dreaded catabolic muscle loss which is almost unavoidable in such a scenario and also inhibit hunger and appetite when used between meals
  • Recommended intake: 1 serving (2 measuring spoons) with 250 ml of cold water shake well in the shaker

Nano A BCAA Watermelon Citrus

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