What is Synergy ISO-7?

Synergy ISO-7 is a lean, all in one, post workout shake. All in one refers to Synergy ISO-7 being able to offer a multitude of benefits from an array of ingredients within one shake. You’re spoilt for choice with the flavour options for Synergy ISO-7: Double Chocolate, Banana, Chocolate Mint, Vanilla Crème and Strawberry Delight. Synergy ISO-7 is also suitable for Vegetarians.

Who is Synergy ISO-7 for?

Synergy ISO-7 has been proven to be very popular with individuals and athletes after spells of intense physical activity that want to recover optimally & maintain a lean physique. The Synergy ISO-7 user isn’t particularly looking to add mass, but looking to maintain a lean physique and maybe add a small amount of lean, quality muscle tissue as Synergy ISO-7 contains 242 calories.

The Benefits of Synergy ISO-7

As Synergy ISO-7 is an all in one, it contains a range of different ingredients which offer a variety of benefits. Firstly, as Synergy packs 40g of protein it ticks the box on that font. Combine this with its 17g of carbohydrates which derive from a blend of High and Low GI carbs it offers the perfect balance of instantaneous and sustained carbohydrate release for optimal recovery. Furthermore, Synergy ISO-7 delivers a potent mix of Creatine, Peptide bonded Leucine, Zinc along with a rich amino acid profile to name a few covering all angles for recovery and nutrient replenishment

PHD Synergy-iso-7 - Banana


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