• USN - Whey Protein, 2280 g content for 67 portions of 34 g each
  • Myomatrix protein mixture is made from 100% Whey proteins, because these have the highest biological value, in myomatrix whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate
  • High-quality ingredients in special composition supply the body important proteins such as lactalbumen and immunglobuline
  • Building and growing muscle mass, better and faster recovery after training, increase endurance, supports the body to meet any challenge and achieve your goals
  • One serving (34g) has 136 calories and provides 24g protein, 2.8g Carbohydrates of which 1.7g sugar, 3g fats of which 1.8g saturated fats and 0.8g MCTs

USN 100 Percent Premium Whey Protein Shake Powder, Cookies/Cream, 2.28 kg